We seek lawyers barristers and Jurists as well as paralegals and experts in crowd funding, media, accounting and editing to collaborate with us in organizing vetting and incorporating evidence into Applications brought in multiple countries.


Subject to further development the current strategy is to obtain declarations of rights from as many fundamental rights courts and fora including High Courts and superior Courts of as many countries as possible.

​These will be supported by petitions run in those countries and details of the International Freedom March movement in order to demonstrate the vast international critical mass behind the motions etc.

As for potential collaborators Dr. Reiner Feullmich of the Investigative Corona Committee in Germany would need to rank at the top as he is far advanced in a case against the PCR testing regime. The legal teams in the Canada (ongoing), Portugal (won - PCR test discredited ), Dutch(won - banned enforced testing), South African (one won - Ivermectin allowed, one ongoing - Government seems unable or unwilling to show evidence of Covid 19 virus) and Isle of Man (Nuremberg style ongoing) cases.

As for members of parliament people like George Christensen from Australia who has statrted the petition against forced vaccinations and Kenneth Meshoe from South Africa who was instrumental in the case that saw Ivermectin back on the market, are prime candidates.

​ Doctors, scientists and vaccinologists run in the thousands and include an ex VP of Pfizer. America's Frontline Doctors have a legal team and lots of info on the law and past and current cases.

Our Team

Sourcing and co-ordination of collaborators
Izak Labuschagne
Founder and CEO of the Commission of Inquiry A175/93 DCLD 1995

​IT security for the Commission's site
Kevin Kennard

​Petition manager

Crowd Funding
Anonymous person engaged with

Evidence verification and Collation
Several jurists involved wanting to remain anonymous


​Co-ordination Media and PR
Our IT marketing collaborator wants to remain anonymous so as to minimize the inevitable trolls and IT security attacks. Yes we need smart collaborators

Financial management and accounting

There are several lawyers, jurists, advocates and Barristers that have engaged with the founder over the years. Most wish to remain behind the spotlight and we respect that.

The founder of this initiative is Izak Labuschagne. His details can be founf here


You game?

This will be by far the largest case of its kind ever brought in respect of critical mass in its backing.

History will be made.

​ Want to be a part of it?

​ If so send me an email at

​ Please tell us about yourself and how you would like to collaborate so that we can conduct the necessary due diligence.

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