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Control Group

Every medical trial needs a control group.

Perhaps Big Pharma have made their main investors , big government leaders and mainstream media moguls their control group. There is no disclosure on this.

Seeing that this trial seems ongoing, the most logical development is for those who do not wish to partake in the experiment to be the control group.

An actio popularis case for a declaration of rights in this respect already forms part of another initiative started by the founder of this initiative. A benign declarative along the lines of there being no law preventing such an actio popularis establishment of status quo is sought. That initiative has collected an immense database of evidence, court pleadings, judgments and commission of inquiry findings to that end. Certain aspects of the the strategy of that initiative needs to remain classified at this stage until it is ready to deploy, not much disclosure can be made here at this stage, save to say that the evidence is overwhelmingly compelling. Controlled disclosure can be viewed here.

An application to the courts in New Zealand based on the limitation of the trials to a specific control ground has been granted.


Purchase of shares from as little as $1.00 will entitle shareholders as participants in this initiative that will entitle them to receive a certificate stating that they are part of a control group established by the legal doctrine of actio popularis . Where a declarative is obtained in their country, reference will be made to that, other wise to those countries wherein those declaratives were granted. The obtaining of a declarative is simply an extra string to the bow and not a prerequisite for the existence of the group.

Collaboration with another initiative already issuing control group cards is underway.

That certificate will be used as vaccine passport for the group. This will serve various purposes, some of which will be to protect the group on several levels.

Seeing that big Pharma in concert with big government and big media are creating segregation with their passports, this control group passport can be used by those in the control group that wish to completely insulate themselves from the group experimented on. For example, an associated business could then justifiably place a notice on their door that a control group vaccine passport needs to be produced before entering the premises (as it is part of an existing de-facto (de-jure where a declarative is issued) control group) even for services like local and international flights.. Perhaps the declarative orders can later be extended to mandate other carriers to segregate those in the control group from other passengers in an area with a separate air circulatory system. Selected voluntary segregation. Something I expect would be extremely difficult to counter in the circumstances.

Blood bank

Seeing that we are dealing with an experiment that alters DNA functionality and various other aspects, most of which is not readily disclosed. it will be of crucial importance to maintain a blood bank that is uncontaminated with the technology.

A blood bank that would by necessity need to be for exclusive use by the control group.

Pathology laboratory

As a result, an independent pathology laboratory that could test for traces of the vaccines such as RNA, spike proteins, nano particles and other elements will be crucially necessary to secure the integrity of the blood bank.

​Financial models for the establishment of blood banks and pathology laboratories are already in existence.

Ground level investment

As this initiative will be implemented in each country it will have an enormous critical mass.

As at May 23 2021 45% of the USA population remain unvaccinated. In underdeveloped countries that percentage is much higher of course.. Developed countries are only 16% of the world population. The rates in these countries will rise to about 70% due to the levels of successful social engineering and conditioning achieved in them. Africa is still currently very low on vaccination rates.

One can therefore reasonably expect that the control group could make up 30% of the world population of 7,9 Billion,. That would be 2,37 billion people. Only 15% would equate to 1,185 billion people. A very large critical mass no matter how conservatively one looks at it.

Should the new start initiative company issue 100 million shares (just 10% of that critical mass) at a dollar each, it will be enabled to deploy start up labs and blood banks one every major continent and in multiple countries on that continent. Business plan templates for setting up the pathology laboratories as well as the blood bank are available and the costs are not high, under $300,000. This initiative has collected start up models and business plans as well as financial models for countries like India and Canada. If these are done as joint ventures with the many new entrants into that field it would cost far less, If aid agency funding and other grant funding can be secured it would be even easier. And that would expand the initial deployment drastically. Besides, the development of independent path labs and blood banks seems to have emerged as a trend of late. A most fortuitous and timeous development indeed.

As the right team would need to be assemble to manage and co-ordinate this initiative, offers are invited from the very outset.
This is your chance to get into a business with a ground swell running into the hundreds of millions world wide. These opportunities do not come about often. This is one created by a set of circumstances that, if anything is one of the most ironic and lucrative opportunities ever to present itself.

Driving factors

A full and frank disclosure of all the reported and unreported side effects and dangers of the vaccines and how the blood is altered and effected will no doubt generate the same levels of fear used to drive the campaigns for vaccination. We intend to disseminate that disclosure as far and wide as possible and via any type of means at our disposal.

We expect to use the social engineering tactics used to disseminate these vaccines against them.

Yes, we have a plan to help to completely disconnect our members from that manipulation.

Please, please give us your feedback and work with us on this noble cause.

We need to maintain the integrity of our blood

​For the life is in the blood.

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