By Izak Labuschagne, June July 2021

The Portuguese case that exposes the vast nature of the international fraud caused by COVID 19 case reporting from PCR tests that do not work and false reporting of cases because of money granted in respect of such cases by governments to hospitals etc, is a springboard for the case being prepared by Dr Reiner Feullmich from the Investigative Corona Committee of Germany.

The fact that the South Africa government cannot supply evidence of the actual virus and are using the courts to try and stifle further inquiry is very telling indeed.

Informed deductions (derided as conspiracy theories by the fake mainstream media) that the virus is man made, now seem to be a fact, as information emerges (in the US Senate no less) on how Dr. Fauci funded the research. Is it perhaps the possibility that a man made cure is in existence, the reason why no one wants to release the details of the so called virus? Why they stifled effective treatments? These questions are growing in amplitude and will continue to do so.

The fact that the push-back against this perceived hoax is growing.

I say perceived hoax because it is beginning to dawn on people that the new strains and spikes occur after the so called vaccines are administered. That together with the quite obvious stifling of treatments that vastly reduce fatalities like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin and the statistics supporting that, is beginning to enrage a populous that are waking up to the fact that they are being lied to at the expense of deaths in their families and injuries from the vaccines (also under-reported and stifled).

The fact that details of the fines attracted by big pharma like Pfizer and Gates are now becoming known, destroys their attempts to label such facts conspiracy theories.

The desperate way in which media and social media giants who are heavily invested in big pharma are trying to stifle disclosure of risks, is even more telling and yes, people are getting to grips with the real story here, the real narrative, the stifled (at all costs) narrative.

What with the dangers of 5G radiation levels now becoming more and more known after the declassification of certain CIA documents, people are beginning to see the links between the so very coincidental and simultaneous 5G roll-out, the great reset plan that is openly admitted, a seriously questionable USA election (with all the evidence that was previously stifled now pushing through) and the so-called COVID 19 pandemic, the latter which is clearly being used to mask, distract and coerce a populous in a direction for which there has been no debate or popular consent. What with all that becoming clearer every day, the groundswell is building and building.

What with the aims of the World Economic Forum and the Rockerfeller's becoming widely know, the distrust in the populous is reaching', well, revolutionary levels. That can be seen from the massive March For Freedom rallies that are steadily growing in critical mass and intensity despite violent efforts to stifle them. This will not end well. And regardless the outcome. There will be very, very serious consequences.

It is true that the picture emerging in these turbulent times is so ugly that most people dearly want to ignore the cruel facts of it. Besides, it absolves them from warning others. It insulates them from being branded conspiracy theorists. Something which is in fact fast becoming a significant compliment. A population reduction Harikari of sorts. If one could virtue signal such supposed self sacrifice. When the cowards realize they are all severely injured disabled or dying it will be up to the un-duped populous to fix things.

But wait, let us not ignore the religious overtones from the esoteric's (that fancy themselves as the custodians of wealth and control for so many milennia), as well as the Judeo Christians (that form the bedrock of western law and democratic systems), Islamists, Buddhist and new age communities. Ignoring spiritual discernment is to discount the decision making process of a vast populous. There is a time for prayer and a time for action. These times are surely going to be manifesting which it shall be.

Izak Labuschagne is a legal and political activist, who moonlights as a musician, He has investigated. members of the judiciary, secret societies, including military and national intelligence agencies, written several books and heads up this initiative and the commission from which it emerges.

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