Investment Opportunity

As at May 23 2021 45% of the USA population remain unvaccinated. In underdeveloped countries that percentage is much higher of course.. Developed countries are only 16% of the world population.

One can therefore reasonably expect that the control group could make up 30% of the world population of 7,9 Billion,. That would be 2,37 billion people. Only 15% would equate to 1,185 billion people. A very large critical mass no matter how conservatively one looks at it. The rates in these countries will rise to about 70% due to the levels of successful social engineering and conditioning achieved in them. Africa is still currently very low on vaccination rates.

A full and frank disclosure of all the reported and unreported side effects and dangers will no doubt generate the same levels of fear used to drive the campaigns for vaccination.

Should the new start initiative company issue 100 million shares at a dollar each, it will be enabled to deploy start up labs and blood banks one every major continent. If these are done as joint ventures with the many new entrants into that field it would cost far less, If aid agency funding and other grant funding can be secured it would be even easier. This initiative has collected start up models and business plans as well as financial for countries like India and Canada.

As the right team would need to be assemble to manage and co-ordinate this initiative, offers are invited from the very outset.
This is you chance to get into a business with a ground swell running into the hundreds of millions world wide.

​Business models for development of Pathology Laboratories and blood banks have been developed and are available.

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