A free market alternative to the reset narrative

The time has come to burst the shackles of manipulation and control.
Now is the time for real freedom, independence and self sufficiency.

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​ Branches in every country


Where charitable donations need a trust such as in

Constitution of the Foundation and associated Trust (where applicable)

Taken from precedents of Gates, Clinton, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Schwab and Soros foundations and trusts

Terms of reference

Copied from Unilateral UN international treaties on crisis and emergency management
(Scale of fundamental rights violations against level of emergency highlighted2

1. A public ancillary fund established using the relevant model trust deed will be charitable under the laws of the relevant state or territory and will also be a charity for the purposes of the Charities Act 2013 (CTH).
Ref: Public ancillary fund model trust deed

2. For basic research see here:
Emergency v Fundamental Right and Emergency v Fundamental Right UN Treaties

In collaboration with the following:

Control Group Blood Bank

Actio Popularis


Please read the blog posts for details on the background and progress thus far.

Interim Strategy

As the international pandemic scenario changed in playing out because of the populism driven push back it received; and as the defensive strategies employed by both ends of the scale shifted; so the strategies of this initiative needed to be fluid so as to adjust and adapt to that ebb and flow, otherwise it would have failed.

The primary strategy is to create alternative and autonomously sustainable market driven communities in order to avoid and escape dependency and manipulation by the new "reset" system that the ruling elites are trying to install under programs such as the unredacted UN agenda, 2021, 2030, the World Economic Forum’s reset and population control policies and the various foundations such as the Clinton, Gates and Soros foundations supporting those strategies. For details of an advisory provided to Judeo Christian based countries click here.

Strategic Overview

The preliminary draft overview of just over 100 pages can be downloaded here.

Please note that it is an unedited work in progress.

The central thrust of this initiative is to develop an off grid autonomous base that can effectively accommodate and maintain an agricultural, medical and legal research and development hub that can produce safe foods and medicines and medical treatment (with path lab and blood bank) for the surrounding community and for other markets including export markets.

Countries like many of the BRICS countries (and Islands like Vanuatu) that have decided to rather adopt certain aspects only of the UN`s Agenda 2030 and to steer clear of most of the draconian and uber-woke societal, economic, political and agricultural control mechanisms that they propagate, will be ideal for deployment of the initiative. Particularly as they could exploit the supply of meat, protein and vegetable products that are not GMO and mRNA vaccine contaminated to likeminded markets.

From a PEST analysis point of view: - (1) apart from the involvement of some aid agencies by ticking their requirements, and the subsequent installation of a WB MIGA guarantee, (2) the initiative seeks to mitigate political, legal and economic risks by having an ideological objective that will deal in a compassionate yet firm manner with the fall-out of what is fast becoming painfully evident as one of the most serious crimes ever committed against humanity. As such by a small minority of people heading up a vast array of corporate entities that hold a disproportionate amount of influence and control of economic, political, legal and media power in the world. (3) The rehabilitation and de-radicalisation centres planned in this strategic overview, therefore forms the central focus of the ideological approach embodied in this initiative. In summary, an ideological approach that is based on compassion and driven by positive responses and cognitive development.

Prosecution and litigation by the legal initiatives such as actio popularis in this strategy, will be focussed on those who knowingly engineered and were willing accomplices in the Mass Formation PSYOPS conducted under the cover of the COVID 19 pandemic. A truly diabolical plan, that was in fact openly, often and boldly repeated and that manipulated multitudes of politicians and other officials and professionals into the resultant Mass Formation Psychosis that now infects the planet1. One of the main symptoms of the psychosis is the manifestation of manic denial in the face of the mounting evidence by the likes of the Australian minister of health who still propagated taking the vaccines to protect others when that has been universally debunked. Not to mention in the face of the ever escalating and alarming vaccine related injuries, deaths, plummeting birth rates, sudden deaths and economic fallout from what were clearly misguided lockdowns and mandates. Developments that are causing deep concern with actuaries, officials and uncompromised independent scientists in an ever-increasing number of countries around the world.

The legal pleadings shown are also extremely simplistic and inadequate. As will be appreciated, copies of applications, supporting and answer affidavits, evidence and technical information, heads of arguments, with footnotes and tables of caselaw quoted from the many court cases from all over the world in the legal R&D databases are far too voluminous to attach here. Some very brief draft applications are detailed to give some idea of what will become the norm over the next few decades.

The funding requirements for an initiative like this are beyond massive, and these are not fully addressed here. Whilst some of the business plans generate revenue, there are sources of funding that simply cannot be disclosed, as the risks in doing so are simply too high. R&D on record to date is immense 2.

Land has been identified in places like Vanuatu and various strategies such as a Land reform project to help previously disadvantaged groups acquire an Abattoir in South Africa are in the making. That will for example produce some 60% of the land value costs first up. Several other investors, aid agencies and financiers have been identified. A 6,000-ha property that has a going agricultural livestock export and coconut Oil production plant is well within reach at this stage.

1. DARPA claimed a success rate in Australia of “well over 70%”. Considering that the Australian government claimed that over 90% of the population got vaccinated, that claim by DARPA is probably about right.
2. As at 20 February 2023 the preliminary R&D data of just one office in this initiative comprises of 52,810 Files, 1,460 folders amounting to well over 18GB of data

However, it will remain lifeless unless the many people who claim to have an understanding of what is going on actually decide to actively collaborate and contribute.

A group of senators addressing the government of Australia in March 2023 had a very simple message that can be summarized as follows: -

Moral lifeboats have been offered to politicians who now know they were duped.
Swallow your pride and take what is being offered before it is too late.
The populous have fully awakened.
Snap out of the obvious denial
The charade is over.


Control Group Blood Bank1

Unvaccinated blood is going to become the new gold. Anyone with a modicum of sense and that understands mRNA technology will readily recognize this. The life is in the blood.

So we need to set up Path labs and Blood banks to position for this inevitable demand.

The economic models for that were easy to obtain and are available on enquiry.

Vaccination rates world wide vary2 from fully vaccinated to as low as only 10% in low income countries with countries like Yemen, Chad, Haiti, Dem. Rep. Congo and Burundi being less that 1%. 3

If we assume a worst case scenario of around 10% of the population being unvaccinated (according to the manipulated figures (ala Gates’ book on that4). Whilst 10% of a local economy constitutes a significant market share, the worst case scenario’s in rural areas are not as attractive.

Natural remedies Co-operatives

The Blood Banks and Path Lab units therefore need to be connected to what at this stage we ideally label “Natural Remedies Co-operatives”

There are many reasons for the choice of those words ranging from regulatory regime implications to the mistrust that a significant and growing critical mass of awake people have of big pharma and their conditioned physicians. These fears are further driven by the fact that graphene has even been found in the encapsulations of certain vitamins and minerals5. Hence the need for autonomous, independent medical care and related supplies

These co-operatives will also offer remedies not connected to the manipulative practices of big pharma that have now unmistakably been exposed by this so called6 crisis.

All the doctors that have been sidelined by the mandates can be drawn into this market. A big market indeed. With massive rewards and of course with that, incentives.

Moreover, as this sector will inevitably also attract people with vaccine injuries and those with vaccine remorse this will naturally amplify the market share.

Then there are the scenario’s where people seek remedial treatment for themselves or their associates against the mass formation Psyop conducted under the auspices of the DARPA patent7 as accepted and then promoted by the various national intelligence agencies of the administrations that declared the emergency that supposedly justified the use of the Psyop8.

Treatments offered by these co-operatives include: -

  1. Natural Remedies
  2. Dietary and nutritional advice
  3. Natural extracts
  4. Selected homeopathic treatments
  5. Electrotherapy

Legal Firms

Nothing can deal with the trauma of vaccine injuries, loss of loved ones, loss of work, livelihoods, marriages and the like because of the mandates induced and coerced by the administrations, like monetary and legal redress. We are aware that Moderna has already established legal practices in at least two countries to those ends. Their strategic model in that is of course to capture market share for the other interests in their holding companies. As a result these firms will deal with the following: -

  1. Compensation from corporates, administrations and individuals for: - (a) Vaccine injuries, temporary and permanent including resultant disabilities and the contingent claims attached thereto in respect of medical treatment and costs including trauma and resultant conditions arising from that; (b) Loss of employment, business (attritions from litigation) and income due to the imposition of mandates . Together with that, compensation for trauma including family related trauma such as marriage break-ups, separation from children etc. Contingencies attached to the aforesaid.
  2. Criminal proceedings against individuals where intent (dolus, culpa, animus injuriandi (bodily integrity assault9) and causa) can be proved.
  3. Class actions against corporations and ministries of administrations.
  4. Assistance with personal status (physical and political) classification cases.
  5. Provide support for local and international Actio Popularis and public interest / class action cases.
  6. Defense against any administrative action or pressure aimed at limiting or curtailing the initiative.10
  7. Arbitration and mediation.

International Common Law chapters

Please note that only credible and not nebulous common law movements are focused on in this initiative. These chapters should be established and overseen by lawyers in the legal firms who have joined the charter and have taken the position of sheriff or Judicial and Legal Coordinator. These officials will also see to the appointment of the following: -

  • Court Adjudicator
  • Bailiff
  • Sheriff
  • Jury members
  • Court reporters
  • Witnesses in a court
  • Plaintiff and Defendant giving testimony before a court
  • Anyone else wishing to establish their honour before witnesses

The chapters will have a convener, secretary, treasurer, Education coordinator, action coordinator and Judicial and legal coordinator as above described.

Details about cases to be handled in either of the court systems will be collated, logged and transmitted to the defendants as well as certain government bodies and institutions as well as the media.

Actio Popularis initiative

​Under the the separate and international Actio Popularis initiative, International Database of Judicial Compromise (IDJC) the related courts of final instance include the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice as well as the International Common Law Courts with locations world wide. This initiative already has several international lawyers engaged in active collaboration.

Rural refugee centres

This is an integral part of the plan and will include: -

  1. Self sustainability training, production, rehabilitation and mentoring.
  2. Production of extracts, minerals and vitamins for the Natural Remedies Co-operatives.
  3. Accommodation for unvaccinated professionals like lawyers and doctors, activists (political and legal), tradespeople involved in construction of the labs and blood banks, legal firms and rural infrastructure, land owners, farmers, botanists, research personnel, horticulturists, herbalists and so forth.

These areas will be designated their status by the Foundation or Trust as the case may be based on the aforementioned terms of reference and may include the status of refugee centers given the legal framework of their local jurisdiction.

As a result of the above a critical mass of people and associated businesses will create the synergy for a new type of market which is autonomous and independent from the market envisaged by the reset popes.

Research and Development

The obtaining grants from universities to further research and develop aspects such as the traditional herbalist ("Inyanga”) training of Swaziland and other countries, as well as aqua cultural aspects.

Creation of a world wide website

The website for the foundation will of course progressively and more fully detail all these elements, provide feed back, assistance and training as further developed by the participants so that the model can be repeated world wide.


The site will be used to solicit collaboration with low income countries that resisted the vaccines and the accessing of UN funding (non vaccine/mandate conditional) for same.

Rehabilitation centres

Rehabilitation centres for victims of vaccine injuries, emergency management overreach, job losses, trauma could be established on the rural properties where possible.

Tax Deductions

In countries where tax deductions are permitted for donations to charitable trusts and foundations, work done at the inception of aspects of the initiative will be quantified and donated to the foundation, or trust, as the case may be for each country.

1. Web page at: Control Group Blood Bank
2. 60.9% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
10.04 billion doses have been administered globally, and 24.96 million are now administered each day.
  Only 10% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose.
  Reference: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations
3. Reference: Tracking Covid-19 vaccinations worldwide
4. Reference: A guide to number games
6. A man made virus with a 99.7% survival rate.
 Reference: The COVID Survival Rates With/Without Vaccine – No Differences
7. Mind Control - US Patent 601732 A
  Reference: Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitor and Mind Control - US Patent 601732 A
8. Reference: Secret govt. unit used ‘unethical’ fear tactics to push Covid rules compliance
9. Similarly in respect of the assault which is a delict affecting a person's bodily integrity the cause of action is the actio injurianun. (see MABASO V. FELIX 19SI (3) SA X65 (A); BEN NET V. MINISTER OF POLICE & ANOTHER 1980 (3) SA 24 (C) @ 35. A physical ""interference with another person's bodily integrity, is normally, wrongful. It is for plaintiff to establish the wrongfulness of the physical interference but as was observed in Mabaso's case supra at page 874 wrongfulness is (normally) a legal issue which does not carry an onus. The allegation of an "assault" implies wrongfulness and animus injuriandi. See Bennett's case supra page 34-5. It is for the defendant(s) to allege and prove facts which disprove animus injuriandi. It is sufficient for the plaintiff to plead and prove facts which indicate, prima facie and objectively, a wrongful act. See AFAILER'S PRECEDENT S OF PLEADING supra at page 34-5. Compare JACKSO N V. SA. NATIONA L INSTITUTE FO R CRIM E PREVENTION 1976 (3) SA 1 (A). Earlier doubts as to where the onus of proof lay have now been clarified. The onus of alleging and proving an excuse for or justification of the assault is on the defendant, (see Mabaso's case supra. Compare with MATLO U V. MAKHUBEDU 1978 (1) SA 956 (A).
  Reference: High Court Mandla Mngometulu v. Commissioner of Police and Others.pdf
10. This will be pretty difficult for them to do since if they want to close or ban the foundation, they would have to ban the foundations it is based up as well as the terms of reference of the UN they have become party to. The appropriate forum of final instance of such a case would have to be the International Court of Justice at the UN headquarters in New York USA. Any criminality emergent from such a case would need to be dealt with by the International Criminal Court at the Hague in the Netherlands / Holland.

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